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RAMCHECK® DDR2 200-pin SODIMM Converter

The RAMCHECK DDR2 200-Pin Converter (p/n INN-8668-12-1) provides a low-cost solution for testing 200-pin DDR2 SODIMM memory found in today's laptop computers. This converter is inserted into the 240-pin RAMCHECK DDR2 adapter. It works with both the RAMCHECK and RAMCHECK LX.


The converter tests JEDEC-compliant DDR2 SODIMM modules, and uses an inexpensive production socket found on PC motherboards, not the heavy-duty Yamaichi test socket used on our other adapters, and is rated for a small number of insertions before it wears out. The number of insertions varies, depending on the care taken when inserting and removing the SO-DIMMs from the converter, and the converter is sensitive to excessive force. Therefore, we cannot offer any warranty on the test socket. If you need to test a large volume of S.O. DIMM modules, a 3-pack of converters is available at a discount. An adapter specifically for high-volume DDR2 SO-DIMM testing is also available that utilizes the rugged Yamaichi socket.

The RAMCHECK tester automatically detects the presence of the converter indicating "RAMCHECK DDR2 SERIES" during power on. The module's structure, size and type are are detected automatically. The test flow follows our standard Basic Test, Extensive Test, and Auto-Loop. Special training is not necessary.


To receive pricing and further information about RAMCHECK memory testing products, please click here, or call INNOVENTIONS at (281) 879-6226.

When ordering, please reference part number INN-8668-12-1.

Please note that generic motherboard SO-DIMM "extenders" will not work with the DDR2 240-pin adapter. Third-party extenders are not designed to work with INNOVENTIONS test equipment and they lack the proper wiring and circuitry. We do not provide support for these extenders.

Also, please note that SO-CDIMM and SO-RDIMM modules are non JEDEC-compliant memory modules that have a similar appearance to standard DDR2 SO-DIMMs and use similar connectors. The pinouts of these SO-CDIMM and SO-RDIMM modules are different than the standard JEDEC 200-pin 64-bit SODIMM modules. The SO-CDIMM and SO-RDIMM modules are not supported by this adapter since they require completely different wiring. If you need to test these modules, please contact our Technical Support Department,

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