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RAMCHECK® DDR3 204-pin SODIMM Converter

The RAMCHECK DDR3 204-Pin Converter (p/n INN-8668-16-1) gives you the ability to test 204-pin DDR3 SODIMM memory found in laptop PCs and other devices. To use, insert the SODIMM into the converter and then insert the converter into the 240-pin RAMCHECK DDR3 DIMM adapter. It works with both the RAMCHECK and RAMCHECK LX memory tester.


This converter tests the popular 64-bit JEDEC-standard DDR3 SODIMM modules using an inexpensive production grade socket of the type used on motherboards, rated for a small number of insertions before it wears out. The number of insertions varies, depending on the care taken when inserting and removing the SO-DIMMs from the converter, and the converter is sensitive to excessive force. Therefore, we cannot offer any warranty on the test socket. (If you need to test a large volume of SO-DIMM modules, we offer a discounted three-pack of converters, as well as a fully-featured DDR3 SODIMM adapter (INN-8668-17) that features a rugged test socket.)

RAMCHECK tester automatically detects the presence of the converter indicating "RAMCHECK DDR3 SERIES" during power on. The module's structure, size and type are are detected automatically. The test flow follows our standard Basic Test, Extensive Test, and Auto-Loop.

Unlike the main 240-pin DDR3 DIMM adapter which supports both ECC and non-ECC DIMMs, the 204-pin DDR3 SO-DIMM converter is explicitly designed for x64 (non ECC) SO-DIMM modules. These SO-DIMM modules follow the JEDEC standard (e.g. JEDEC Standard No. 21C Page 4.20.18-1). A small minority of the SO-DIMM modules are ECC (x72 bits) and they have a completely different wiring. We plan to support these modules later when demands increases and their JEDEC standard is finalized.


  • Supports Burst Length of 8, BC4 or 8 and BC4.
  • Supports both Read CAS LATENCY (CL) and Write CAS LATENCY (CWL) in the range of 5,6,7,8,9,10,11, and 12. Supports Additive Latency of 0, CL-1 and CL-2. Trcd is supported in the range of 4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10. Default test allows automatic selection of CL and CWL for different test phases. The user can select specific CL values using SETUP or the CHANGE-ON-THE-FLY feature.
  • DDR3 Data rates : 800MHz and 1066MHz. Test engine reaches 1333Mhz on some tests. Higher speed DDR3 modules can still be tested at a lower frequency, as described below.
  • True 1.5V testing with a wide support range of 1.35V to 1.8V at 10mV increments.
  • Controlled Vtt for true STTL-15 compatibility.
  • Parallel testing capability of 64 bits.
  • Three controlled pairs of differential clocks for tested module.
  • Maximum 16 Row/16 Column addresses. Currently, 32GB modules can be tested. Test support is added as larger modules are introduced to the market

To receive pricing and further information about RAMCHECK memory testing products, please click here, or call INNOVENTIONS at (281) 879-6226.

When ordering, please reference part number INN-8668-16-1.

Please note that generic motherboard SO-DIMM "extenders" will not work with the DDR3 240-pin adapter. Third-party extenders are not designed to work with INNOVENTIONS test equipment and they lack the proper wiring and circuitry. We do not provide support for these extenders.

DDR3 Frequency Support
The RAMCHECK DDR3 adapter can perform DDR3 tests at actual test frequencies up to 1066MHz. Modules designed for 1333MHz and 1600MHz (as well as future DDR3-1800, 1866, 2000, etc.) can be functionally tested on the DDR3 adapter but at a reduced frequency. The DDR3 test engine can achieve 1333MHz internal diagnostic speeds. Please see the product specifications for further details.

PC3-6400 PC3-8500 PC3-10600
DDR3-800Mhz DDR3-1066Mhz DDR3-1333Mhz DDR3-1600Mhz
Test at full frequency Test at full frequency Test at lower frequency Test at lower frequency