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NOTE: The RAMCHECK tester described in this page has been discontinued. Please see our new RAMCHECK LX.



The RAMCHECK DDR2/DDR1 is the perfect RAM test equipment for testing and identifying both 240pin DDR2 and 184pin DDR RAM. Optional RAMCHECK DDR adapters are available for laptop PC SODIMMs and chips. Expandable for testing older 168pin and 144-pin SDRAM/EDO/FPM memory.

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RAMCHECK DDR2: Low-cost RAM checker for DDR2 technology


RAMCHECK DDR2 identifies and fully tests standard 240pin DDR2 RAM. DDR2 S.O.DIMM testing is available. Expandable for testing older DDR1 and SDRAM.

RAMCHECK DDR1: For testing and identifying high-speed DDR1 modules


RAMCHECK DDR1 is an inexpensive memory tester for testing 184pin DDR DIMM modules. This is a great low-cost alternative if you only need to test DDR. Optional adapters support testing of DDR2, SODIMMs and SDRAM.

RAMCHECK: Base unit plus 168pin SDRAM socket

		                        Base Tester

RAMCHECK, our powerful base RAM checker is an industry standard, with thousands in use around the world. It includes a built-in rugged test socket for 168pin SDRAM, as well as older EDO/FPM modules. RAMCHECK also works with all optional RAMCHECK adapters.

RAMCHECK Screen Example

                        Screen Sample

The RAMCHECK's backlit LCD displays complete identification of the module under test.

Each RAMCHECK memory tester comes with a feature-packed PC software program that allows you to log/print test results, install the latest firmware updates, program SPD data and more. A universal power supply, carrying case and printed manual are also included.

Refurbished SIMCHECK II LT Plus Available

                      PLUS memory tester The SIMCHECK II is a great entry-level memory checker. Test 168-pin SDRAM (PC133/100/66), FPM and EDO memory modules, plus 72-pin SIMMs. While the SIMCHECK II memory tester does not support DDR testing modules, it can be converted to the RAMCHECK level in our factory at a substantial savings over the cost of a new unit.

Now you can purchase a factory-refurbished SIMCHECK II LT PLUS memory tester at a 50% discount off the price of a new unit. This offer also includes our standard one-year limited warranty! Click here to learn more.

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Memory tester firmware available

RAMCHECK DDR3 memory tester

RAMCHECK Users: Convert your existing RAMCHECK memory tester to the RAMCHECK LX and save more than 55% off the price of a new unit!
Trade in your old obsolete memory tester and receive a substantial trade-in discount off the retail price of a RAMCHECK LX DDR3 or RAMCHECK LX DDR3/DDR2 memory tester.

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RAMCHECK LX DDR2 memory tester now available