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RAMCHECK memory tester

(Please note: RAMCHECK is obsolete and has been superseded by the RAMCHECK LX memory tester.)

RAMCHECK is our fourth generation memory tester, following the classic RAMCHECK, SIMCHECK and SIMCHECK II memory testers. Highly modular and user friendly, it redefines the capabilities of an affordable and portable ram checker. With the right adapters it can test DDR, DDR2 and even DDR3.

The newly designed high-frequency test engine and scaleable data interface provides faster tests and gives you a higher resolution of timing measurements. RAMCHECK's architecture has been optimized to better support the memory devices of today and tomorrow. RAMCHECK supports all popular Registered, Unbuffered, ECC and non-ECC Parity DIMMs.

RAMCHECK DDR2 test adapter

RAMCHECK is the only memory tester that automatically identifies and tests both SDRAM and older EDO/FPM DIMMs on the same 168-pin test socket. Optional RAMCHECK adapters support numerous types of memory devices, including DDR, SO DIMMs, old SIMMs, individual chips, and more.

RAMCHECK DDR2/DDR1 (shown here) is a combination package of RAMCHECK base tester (without SDRAM support), plus the DDR2 and DDR Pro adapters. It gives complete coverage for DDR and DDR2. (SDRAM support for the RAMCHECK DDR2/DDR1 is optional.)

Using our enhanced proprietary algorithms, RAMCHECK runs a thorough test on today's DDR/SDRAM/EDO/FPM memory modules, testing every memory cell. All chips are tested simultaneously to yield a faster test and to enable the instrument to detect errors that are caused by interference among the chips on the module. RAMCHECK is not merely a go/no-go tester. In fact, it explicitly identifies the faulty bits within a defective module, giving specific pin number information relating to the problem chip. While 100% accuracy in memory testing is technically impossible, RAMCHECK achieves a high degree of accuracy in detecting bad memory devices.

Don't let RAMCHECK's small size deceive you! This tester is fully loaded with state-of-the-art electronic circuitry.

Although RAMCHECK is essentially a stand alone unit, it comes with PC Communication software that allows it to print and log test reports, and to update its stand alone firmware via the Internet.

RAMCHECK realtime interface

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To support our large installed base of SIMCHECK II customers, we have designed the new RAMCHECK so that every SIMCHECK II or SIMCHECK II se can be affordably upgraded to the RAMCHECK level. This upgrade is available now and you can save up to 45% off the price of a new RAMCHECK. Click here to find out more about upgrading your equipment to the RAMCHECK level.

Since RAMCHECK is fully automatic and user friendly, anyone can use it with great ease. Its full graphics LCD display shows clear instructions and test results. It has a Zero Insertion/Removal Socket for 168-pin DIMM modules. Add-on adapters employ a similar high-quality socket for 144-pin DIMMs, or older style 30-pin and 72-pin SIMMs.

Pressing one button starts the fast BASIC test which automatically measures and displays the module size, Mode Type (SDRAM/EDO/FPM), Access Frequency (or Access Time/Cycle Time for non-SDRAM devices), Cycle Time measurement and more. The BASIC test checks for wiring and verifies that all memory cells are sound. The EXTENSIVE test automatically follows with Voltage Cycling and Voltage Bounce tests which verify the module performance under varying voltage conditions. The March Up/Down algorithm detects interference among cells. Various tests like Relative Refresh and Relative Spikes provide detailed insight into the quality of the tested module. Our proprietary Chip-Heat mode automatically warms the chips for temperature related speed measurement at the end of EXTENSIVE test. The AUTO-LOOP test provides the perfect burn-in means for your memory modules, as well as additional pattern testing.

RAMCHECK incorporates additional setup capabilities over our standard SIMCHECK II setups to satisfy the needs of even the most advanced and demanding engineers.

Just as you would expect, RAMCHECK can easily be upgraded and expanded to protect your investment. This goal was achieved using modern FLASH EPROM technology and a PC Windows companion program which allows you to download the firmware from this Internet website or from a distribution diskette. RAMCHECK comes with a built-in serial interface and is packaged with all you need for an easy connection to the PC.

With its four expansion sockets, RAMCHECK is a highly expandable and modular tester. In addition to the add-on devices available, we are continuously developing more optional adapters to support future memory technologies.

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RAMCHECK Is Powerful, Yet Easy To Use

These actual screen images of RAMCHECK's display illustrate its power, ease of use, and versatility.

Screen Image Clear messages identify good and bad modules. Successful tests result in high pitch beeps, while errors sound low pitch signals.
Screen Image Scrollable error menus provide a graphic display of the error and its associated pin number.
Screen Image Address wiring errors are explicitly shown.
Screen Image Variations from the standard devices are clearly indicated.
Screen Image Structure information at the end of Basic Test indicates which control signals are used!
Screen Image A detailed Test Log including all the test results can be viewed after every test by simply pressing F4.


RAMCHECK tests have been significantly enhanced over our previous generation, resulting in more support for today's memory devices, as well as added test results not available before.

Screen Image BASIC Test quickly checks all the wiring and all the memory cells. Speed shown here is 133MHz.
Screen Image EXTENSIVE Test includes many tests that give you more insight into the quality of your memory.
Screen Image AUTO LOOP Test checks the memory with endless changing patterns. It is also perfect for burn-in operation.

Screen Image Menus for setup and other operations are clear and interactive.
Screen Image Graphic setup of timing parameters will please most advanced users.
Screen Image Detailed setup list keeps track of all (optional) changes you made to the default program.


RAMCHECK includes:

Click here to download the one page spec sheet.

You may also review our Technical Specifications and complete RAMCHECK Product List.

Please click here for pricing and further information, or call INNOVENTIONS at 1 (281) 879-6226. When ordering, please reference part number INN-8668.

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RAMCHECK LX DDR2 memory tester now available

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