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RAMCHECK DDR2/DDR1 Memory Tester


RAMCHECK DDR2/DDR1 Combination Package

(Please note: RAMCHECK is obsolete and has been superseded by the RAMCHECK LX memory tester.)

RAMCHECK DDR2/DDR1 (p/n INN-8668-DDR2+1) is a popular combination package for testing and identifying industry standard 240-pin DDR2 and 184-pin DDR1 DIMM memory modules. Expandable to test DDR3 and DDR (with optional adapters).

In less than a minute, RAMCHECK will display the DIMM's size, speed and type, then perform a thorough test of the module. (Support for testing older SDRAM modules is available.)

                        DDR2/DDR1 memory tester

Click here for specifications RAMCHECK DDR2/DDR1 is easy to use. The user will not have to read lengthy product documents or memorize complex setup procedures. Just turn the RAMCHECK base unit on, insert the memory module to be tested into the rugged test socket, then press the start button. (Of course, RAMCHECK DDR2/DDR1 allows you to define your own testing parameters if necessary.)

RAMCHECK DDR2/DDR1 is easy to upgrade by downloading the latest firmware updates directly from our website. A powerful PC interface is included, providing you with everything you need to log, print and save your test results. A convenient SPD wizard is even included for viewing and programming SPD information. Click here for complete list of the RAMCHECK DDR2/DDR1 tester's features and capabilities.

During each test, the module's size, type and structure are automatically detected. The initial Basic test is very fast. For more exhaustive testing, RAMCHECK DDR2/DDR1 will then perform the Extensive and AutoLoop test phases.

                        DDR2 now available

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With RAMCHECK DDR2/DDR1, you can test

RAMCHECK DDR2/DDR1 includes:

* Requires separate adapters for older SDRAM, EDO or FPM memory formats.

Click here to download the one page spec sheet.

The RAMCHECK manual and addenda are also available online.

IMPORTANT: Please see this page for information about testing DDR2 fully-buffered FB-DIMM devices.

Please click here for pricing and further information, or call INNOVENTIONS at 1 (281) 879-6226. When ordering, please reference part number INN-8668-DDR2+1.

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RAMCHECK LX DDR2 memory tester now available

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