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Please note that the SIMCHECK II conversion offer has been discontinued since the RAMCHECK (developed in 2000) has been superceded by the RAMCHECK LX. For our many thousands of loyal SIMCHECK II customers, we now offer a generous trade-in credit for your old memory tester, good towards the state-of-the-art RAMCHECK LX. Please visit our trade-in request page for more details.

Upgrade your SIMCHECK II to RAMCHECK now!Upgrade your SIMCHECK II Plus memory tester to RAMCHECK and SAVE up to 50% off the price of a new unit.

Fed up with expensive electronics that quickly become obsolete? INNOVENTIONS' loyal SIMCHECK II Plus users can save 50% by converting their existing units to RAMCHECK, versus buying a new unit. Call us today at (281) 879-6226 or complete the online information request form to upgrade to the new RAMCHECK Plus level and start testing DDR1 and DDR2 modules.

For SIMCHECK II users who want to keep their existing unit and need a separate unit just for DDR testing, we also offer the low-cost RAMCHECK DDR1 and RAMCHECK DDR2 testers.

Why upgrade to RAMCHECK?

RAMCHECK is our current memory tester and incorporates several major enhancements over the older SIMCHECK II technology.

  • The older SIMCHECK II tester utilizes technology that was available circa 1995. With the emergence of RAMCHECK, in January 2003 we ceased providing updated firmware to enhance the functionality of the SIMCHECK II. Of course we will continue to honor warranty and repair work when necessary, but additional support for modern current memory formats, including recent SDRAM (PC150, PC166) and DDR and DDR2 are only available with the RAMCHECK.
  • Ready for both DDR1 and DDR2! RAMCHECK supports our DDR Pro and DDR2 adapters while the SIMCHECK II, developed in 1997, does not have the required support for today's DDR technology.
  • RAMCHECK's base test engine can achieve 184MHz operation compared to the 133MHz of the SIMCHECK II line. It also has at least twice the timing and frequency resolution of SIMCHECK II. Not only does RAMCHECK perform faster, more accurate tests than SIMCHECK II, it can test newer SDRAM, including PC150 and PC166 modules.
  • RAMCHECK uses a higher degree of parallel testing. This allows for faster test times, particularly while testing x72 modules.
Like all of our products, we have put a great deal of effort to insure that there will be a real upgrade path from the SIMCHECK II memory tester to the RAMCHECK tester so that your investment in the SIMCHECK II line won't become obsolete. During the upgrade process we re-use many of the SIMCHECK II components, saving you money.

For SIMCHECK II users the transition to RAMCHECK is easy since the test flow and appearance similar. The test process on the converted RAMCHECK will look exactly as before, except faster and with more capabilities. You won't need to a new manual to operate your converted RAMCHECK tester. Your converted RAMCHECK tester will also be covered under our limited 1-year warranty.

Upgrade to RAMCHECK now!I. Upgrading SIMCHECK II/II se or LT PLUS to RAMCHECK WITHOUT the SIMM Adapter

In this process, you will send us your SIMCHECK II PLUS or SIMCHECK II se PLUS and receive a RAMCHECK. During the factory conversion, our technicians will do the following:

  • Replace the old SIMM board with the new RAMCHECK DIMM board and transfer the old Sync DIMMCHECK 168's test socket to the RAMCHECK DIMM board.
  • Replace components on the old processor board and perform several wiring changes.
  • Replace enclosure and face label.
  • Replace or adjust power, as needed.
  • Complete calibration and burn-in tests.

II. Upgrading SIMCHECK II/II se or LT PLUS to RAMCHECK WITH the SIMM Adapter

In this process, you will send us your SIMCHECK II PLUS or SIMCHECK II se PLUS and receive a RAMCHECK. During the factory conversion, our technicians will do the following:

  • Upgrade the SIMCHECK II PLUS to RAMCHECK as described above.
  • Transfer the old 72-pin and 30-pin SIMM test sockets from the SIMCHECK II to the new RAMCHECK 30 or 72-pin SIMM Adapter. If the original unit was SIMCHECK II se, the RAMCHECK SIMM Adapter will only use the 72-pin socket.

III. Upgrading the Sync DIMMCHECK 144 to RAMCHECK DIMMCHECK 144

In this process, you will send in your Sync DIMMCHECK 144 (p/n INN-8558-7) and receive a RAMCHECK DIMMCHECK 144 (p/n INN-8668-1). The process includes de-soldering the old 144-pin SODIMM test socket and installing it on the new RAMCHECK DIMMCHECK 144.

IV. Upgrading Sync CHIP Tester to RAMCHECK Sync CHIP Adapter

In this process, you will send in your Sync Chip Tester (p/n INN-8558-9) and receive a RAMCHECK Sync Chip Adapter (p/n INN-8668-3-A). The process includes the de-soldering of the three old TSOP test sockets and installing them in a new RAMCHECK Sync CHIP Adapter.

 How To Order The Upgrade
Please contact our Sales Department at (281) 879-6226 for pricing information and the required RMA number, or fill out our SIMCHECK II to RAMCHECK Upgrade Form.

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