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Many have tried to imitate the world renowned SIMCHECK.

ONLY SIMCHECK II can surpass it!

SIMCHECK II Plus memory tester for SDRAM, SIMM, PC133, PC100 memory modules.


SIMCHECK II is the third generation of memory testers from the company that pioneered the Classic RAMCHECK and SIMCHECK product lines. Stand alone, portable, user friendly, and reliable, SIMCHECK II gives you the ultimate power to accurately test today's and tomorrow's large memory devices. Based on a powerful, high-speed 32-bit 486 processor and utilizing state-of-the-art time delay circuitry, it significantly enhances the time proven testing capabilities that previous SIMCHECK users have come to depend on. Access time resolution of 1nS, cycle time measurement, graphic setup of timing parameters, true 3.3V testing and its unprecedented high speed testing are among these enhanced capabilities that up until now were not available in a portable memory tester.

Editor Note: SIMCHECK II was developed in 1996, and expanded to the SIMCHECK II PLUS level in 1998. Currently, the SIMCHECK II LT PLUS derivative of this product is our entry level test system, while our main tester is the RAMCHECK. Please note that any SIMCHECK II type tester can be factory upgraded to the RAMCHECK level.

SIMCHECK II tests all the standard 30/72-pin SIMM memory modules with sizes up to 4Gx40 and its modular design allows for virtually unlimited growth with optional adapters. When used with the Sync DIMMCHECK 168 as part of the SIMCHECK II PLUS package, it can also test 168-pin SDRAM/EDO/FPM DIMM modules. Currently available adapters also support 144-pin DIMMs, individual SDRAM chips, memory cards, and more. Click here to learn about the various Optional Test Adapters you can use with SIMCHECK II.

Using our proprietary algorithms, SIMCHECK II runs a thorough test on the memory module, testing every memory cell. All chips (bits) are tested simultaneously to yield a faster test and to enable the instrument to detect errors that are caused by interference among the chips on the module. SIMCHECK II is not merely a go/no-go tester. In fact, it explicitly identifies the faulty bits within a defective module, and provides other important repair related information. While 100% accuracy in memory testing is technically impossible, SIMCHECK II achieves a high degree of accuracy in detecting bad memory devices.

Since SIMCHECK II is fully automatic and extremely user friendly, anyone can use it with great ease. Its full graphics LCD display shows clear instructions and test results. It has Zero Insertion/Removal Sockets for both 30-pin and 72-pin SIMMs. If you have ever experienced the frustration of removing a SIMM module from a regular SIMM socket, you will be amazed at the ease of use of our unique SIMM socket.

Pressing one button starts the fast BASIC test which automatically measures and displays the module size, Mode Type, Access Time (speed), Cycle Time measurement and more. The BASIC test concludes with detailed structure information and you can terminate the test at this point if you wish, since BASIC test is sufficient for most of your testing needs. If you decide to test the module more rigorously, do not terminate the test after BASIC test. EXTENSIVE test automatically follows with Voltage Cycling and Voltage Bounce tests which verify the module performance under varying voltage conditions. The March Up/Down algorithm detects interference among cells. Various tests like Relative Refresh and Relative Spikes provide detailed insight into the quality of the tested module. Our proprietary Chip-Heat mode automatically warms the chips for temperature related speed measurement at the end of EXTENSIVE test. The AUTO-LOOP test provides the perfect burn-in means for your memory modules, as well as additional pattern testing. In the SINGLE BIT test, SIMCHECK II identifies individual speed ratings and other related information for each bit.

SIMCHECK II incorporates advanced setup capabilities to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding engineers. Graphic setup allows you to control major timing parameters, and you can also change the test flow or edit patterns with ease.

Since R&D activities for a product like SIMCHECK II never end, one of our major design goals for SIMCHECK II was to create a STAND ALONE product with firmware which could be easily upgraded and expanded to protect your investment. This goal was achieved using modern FLASH EPROM technology and a PC Windows companion program which allows you to download the firmware from this Internet website or from a distribution diskette. SIMCHECK II comes with a built-in serial interface for easy connection to the PC. To make sure that you quickly become familiar with all of SIMCHECK II's capabilities, we have included an easy to use DEMO mode that clearly explains its operation and numerous features.

Don't let SIMCHECK II's compact size deceive you! Like its predecessor, SIMCHECK II redefines what advanced features are available to you in a portable, desktop tester. At a price below large memory devices, your SIMCHECK II investment can pay for itself in less than a day.

If you are already familiar with our older SIMCHECK, please review the list of SIMCHECK II advantages over the older SIMCHECK.

More information on SIMCHECK II can be found in the SIMCHECK II Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) file.

SIMCHECK II se PLUS New Item! Now available is the SIMCHECK II se. It allows you to harness the power of SIMCHECK II, but at a lower cost! Click on the thumbnail to the left for more information on this new item in our SIMCHECK II product line.


These actual screen images of SIMCHECK II's display illustrate its power and ease of use.

Screen Image Clear messages identify good and bad modules. Successful tests result in high pitch beeps, while errors sound low pitch signals.
Screen Image Scrollable error menus provide a graphic display of the error and its associated pin number.
Screen Image Address wiring errors are explicitly shown.
Screen Image Variations from the standard devices are clearly indicated.
Screen Image Structure information at the end of Basic Test indicates which control signals are used!
Screen Image A detailed Test Log including all the test results can be viewed after every test by simply pressing F4.


SIMCHECK II' tests have been expanded, resulting in more detailed test results and better capabilities to isolate errors.

Screen Image BASIC Test quickly checks all the wiring and all the memory cells. Speed shown here is 56nS, Cycle Time is 100nS.
Screen Image EXTENSIVE Test includes many tests that give you more insight into the quality of your memory.
Screen Image AUTO LOOP Test checks the memory with endless changing patterns. It is also perfect for burn-in operation.
Screen Image SINGLE BIT Test checks each bit by itself, to minimize interference and to expand error information.


Screen Image Menus for setup and other operations are clear and interactive.
Screen Image Graphic setup of timing parameters will please most advanced users.
Screen Image Detailed setup list keeps track of all (optional) changes you made to the default program.


  • SIMCHECK II includes and outperforms all the features and benefits of SIMCHECK PLUS.
  • 16 row / 16 column address driving capability for up to 4Gx40 memory size testing. (Extended with low-cost adapters to 4Gx80 and more.)
  • RAS and CAS access time measurement at 1 nS resolution!
  • True cycle time measurement.
  • Four voltage regulators provide a full range of 2.7V-5.75V functional tests.
  • Uses INNOVENTIONS' patented Chip Heat Mode for high temperature testing.
  • Automatic EDO, Fast Page, Static Column, and other mode analysis.
  • Advanced setup for user defined tests and parameters. (Can be combined with on-the-fly parameter changes.)
  • Advanced graphic display shows clear instructions and test results.
  • Flash EPROMs for easy on-line software upgrades via the Internet.
  • Use it as a stand alone tester, or connect it to your PC via the built-in PC serial interface.
  • Special 16-pin IDC port supports interfaces for Automatic Handler, parallel printer, and other devices.
  • Snap-in expansion ports for a variety of add-on adapters.
  • Features Zero-Insertion-Force sockets for both 30-pin and 72-pin SIMMs.
  • 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz Universal Switching Power Supply.
  • Includes carrying case.



Dimensions: 9.5"x6.3"x2.5". Net Weight: @4 lbs.


SIMCHECK II utilizes the latest technology to enable convenient firmware upgrade via the internet. Please click here to reach our ftp site so that you may download the recent SIMCHECK II programs.

SIMCHECK II Communications Program

Download PC Software

The SIMCHECK II Communications program is included with your purchase to allow you to download new firmware and to log and print test results. A test log window is present to provide detailed information on each test phase, as well as provide a summary for each test. The test log can be printed, or saved as a regular text file for later review.

You may also review our Technical Specifications.

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