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RAMCHECK LX Conversion

RAMCHECK LX Memory Tester
Our top of the line tester


Upgrade your RAMCHECK memory tester to RAMCHECK LX and save almost 50% off the price of a new unit.

Here are five reasons why you should upgrade to RAMCHECK LX.

SPEED. RAMCHECK LX features the latest state-of-the-art components, resulting in test times up to 40% faster than the RAMCHECK! Actual sample test times for some typical DIMMs (Basic Test):

256 MB DDR2 256 MB DDR
RAMCHECK 10.1 seconds 10.3 seconds
RAMCHECK LX 6.8 seconds 6.0 seconds

LIGHTNING-FAST USB CONNECTIVITY. No lag in the test results displayed in the PC Communications Software. Firmware upgrades are flashed to the RAMCHECK LX in an instant.

BRIGHT, VIVID DISPLAY. The RAMCHECK LX display is twice the size of the RAMCHECK display, and features crisp, high-contrast black on white output.

WORKS WITH ALL CURRENT RAMCHECK ADAPTERS. You can upgrade to the RAMCHECK LX and simply plug in your existing RAMCHECK adapters. (The old 333MHz DDR Series adapter does not work with the LX. It can be upgraded to the DDR Pro level at a special discount.)

1-YEAR WARRANTY. Your converted RAMCHECK LX memory tester will be covered by a new 1-year limited warranty!

Why are we offering this upgrade? Many RAMCHECK users have asked for it because they like the new features in the RAMCHECK LX but they don't want to invest in a new tester. It is important for our many loyal RAMCHECK users to know that RAMCHECK will be supported for years to come, with regular firmware upgrades. Both the RAMCHECK and RAMCHECK LX will work with the DDR3 adapters.

Upgrade Procedure

You will need to send us your RAMCHECK and existing power supply. Please contact us in advance for the required RMA number and shipping instructions.

 How To Order The Upgrade
Our team will contact you as soon as possible.

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