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RAMCHECK LX Memory Tester Available

New instrument for testing PC and server memory now shipping

HOUSTON ­ June 10, 2008 ­ INNOVENTIONS, Inc., the leading manufacturer of portable computer memory testers, is now shipping its new RAMCHECK LX memory tester. With its fast USB connection and large, vivid display, RAMCHECK LX tests and identifies PC, laptop and server memory in seconds.

“RAMCHECK LX represents a major advance for low-cost memory testers,” said Dr. David Y. Feinstein, President of INNOVENTIONS. “With USB connectivity for the RAMCHECK LX’s PC interface, tests will be faster than ever.”

Dr. Feinstein emphasized that the state-of-the-art display provides technicians with a bright, crisp display that can be clearly seen in virtually any direction and under almost any light conditions. “PC and server techs will greatly appreciate the display on the LX,” he added. “They won’t have to shield the display from glare or squint closely to make out the results.”

The RAMCHECK LX works with all current RAMCHECK test adapters, including the DDR2 and DDR adapters. Also available for the RAMCHECK LX is an optional 168-pin adapter for testing legacy SDRAM modules.

During each test, the memory module’s size, structure and type are automatically detected. The RAMCHECK LX quickly spots bad memory chips and alerts the user with a warning tone and visual signal. A typical DDR2 module test takes less than a minute.

The price for the RAMCHECK LX base tester (part number INN-8686) is $1695. Numerous combination packages are available for the RAMCHECK LX and its optional adapters.

For more information, call INNOVENTIONS at (281) 879-6226, e-mail, or visit


Note to editors: A high-resolution image of the RAMCHECK LX (with DDR2 option) is available: