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RAMCHECK DDR Memory Chip Tester Released

Low-Cost Device for Testing 66-pin DDR TSOP Chips Now Available Houston, Texas - November 16 - INNOVENTIONS, Inc., the leading manufacturer of portable computer memory testers, is now shipping the 66-pin DDR TSOP Chip Converter for its RAMCHECK DDR Pro memory tester. With the new converter, RAMCHECK DDR Pro can test and identify 66-pin DDR chips with speeds up to 466Mhz.

"Manufacturers need a low-cost tool for testing memory chips," said David Y. Feinstein, President of INNOVENTIONS. "RAMCHECK DDR Pro, when combined with the new DDR Chip Converter, allows manufacturers to place numerous, inexpensive testers right on their assembly lines, rather than relying on just one very expensive tester for the whole factory. It's also a great tool for memory repair shops to have, since they can quickly spot bad chips that need replacing."

The RAMCHECK 66-pin DDR TSOP Chip Converter fully tests and identifies PC466/433/400/333/266/200 DDR, including 1Gb (128Mx8, 256Mx4), 512Mb (32Mx16, 64Mx8) and smaller (4Mx16, 32Mx8, 8Mx8, 64Mx4, 16Mx4 and 32Mx4) DDR chips. One or two identical chips can be tested simultaneously. Most test cycles are completed in less than 10 seconds.

During each test, the memory module's size, structure and type are automatically detected. When bad memory chips are discovered, the operator is alerted with a warning tone and visual signal. The Converter also works with RAMCHECK DDR Pro's PC communications software, allowing the user to log and print test results.

The RAMCHECK 66-pin DDR TSOP Chip Converter costs $225 and is available for immediate delivery. Additional solutions will be available for testing the new DDR2 chips.

Further media information is available from Scott LaRoche, Director of Sales at INNOVENTIONS, Inc., 10425 Bissonnet Street, Houston, TX 77099.
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Editors: Images of the 66-pin DDR TSOP Chip Converter are available online.

DDR Chip converter (520 x 332 @ 72 dpi):

DDR Chip converter (520 x 332 @ 300 dpi):