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Please note that you'll need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer in order to read these files. Visit the Adobe.com Web site to download a free copy of Acrobat Reader if you do not have it.

Ch. 1 Introduction
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This section provides an overview of the test equipment. It also contains a quick setup guide, as well as warranty information. The table of contents is included with this section.

Ch. 2 Getting Started
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This section covers the basics in tester setup and operation and discusses the DEMO mode. It provides some general information on each of the test sequences performed.

Ch. 3 Notes for SIMCHECK Users
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For previous owners of the older SIMCHECK & 40-BIT Port generation, this section covers the advances that SIMCHECK II offers. The various differences between the SIMCHECK II and the SIMCHECK II se program are discussed, as well as the optional program upgrades available for the SIMCHECK II se.

Ch. 4 SIMCHECK II User Interface
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This section covers the operator keys on SIMCHECK II and what their functions are. The different types of menus encountered are discussed in this section and instructions for adjusting the LCD intensity are given.

Ch. 5 SIMCHECK II Operation
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This section discusses proper use of the tester's sockets, and details the different test modes encountered during the test process. Focus is also given to the different results encountered when testing SDRAM and EDO/FPM devices. The SPD Management Mode (Programming, Saving, & Editing SPD info) is also covered.

Ch. 6 Advanced Tests
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This section covers the variety of advanced setups that are incorporatated in the SIMCHECK II program. Individual parameters for user-defined test procedures are discussed. Enabling the SPD programming capability is reviewed and key entering sequences for common setups are given.

Ch. 7 PC Programs
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This section covers the installation and usage of the SIMCHECK II PLUS PC Interface Programs. Focus is given to the primary functions of upgrading SIMCHECK II's firmware via the Internet and use of the Realtime Interface for printing and data logging.

Ch. 8a Adapters
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This section includes a quick index of the adapters available for the SIMCHECK II PLUS product line. A summary of what each adapter tests, as well as their part number, is given. The instructions for using the following adapters is given: Sync DIMMCHECK 168; Sync DIMMCHECK 144; Sync CHIP Tester; Sync DIMMCHECK 100; 200-pin DIMM Adapter.

Ch. 8b Adapters
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This section covers the instructions for the following adapters: DIMMCHECK 168P PRO; DIMMCHECK 144P PRO; DIMMCHECK 72P PRO; DRAM CARD TESTER; SIM II SOJ Adapter;Direct Printer Interface; SIP Adapter; Handler Interface.

Ch. 9 Troubleshooting
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This section covers a few common problems which can be easily corrected by the user. You may also wish to refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for additional information.

Appendix A-C
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This section covers the first three appendix listings detailing our software license agreement; a discussion about SIMCHECK II's Test Algorithms; and SDRAM Timing and PC-100/PC-133 Compliance.

Appendix D-H
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This section covers the last of the appendix listings. The subjects covered include: EDO/FPM Timing Measurements; Module repair with SIMCHECK II; a Memory Module Technical Review; the SIMCHECK II Expansion Port; and SIMCHECK II Maintenance. The main index is also included with this section.


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