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SIMCHECK Application Note

SIMCHECK II Production Mode

Production Mode is a special mode of SIMCHECK operation in which the SPD chip of the tested module is automatically programmed at the conclusion of the test. For obvious reasons, Production Mode should be used only by Memory Manufacturers.


Overview of Production Mode

At the start of Production Mode, SIMCHECK's built-in SPD buffer is loaded (manually or automatically) with the Master SPD data. At the end of the test (which can be set after Basic Test or after Extensive Test), SIMCHECK will program the tested module's SPD with the Master SPD data. If the tested module size does not match the size indicated by the Master SPD data, the test is aborted with an error message indicating the mismatch between the tested module and the Master SPD data.

Production Mode Setup

Activate the SIMCHECK Setup and select the Production Mode page. In SIMCHECK's default state, the Production Mode feature is, of course, disabled. You can always disable Production Mode by selecting "OFF" from the "STATUS" selector in its page, or by clicking the "Prod. Mode Default" or "SIMCHECK Default" buttons. Clicking the "SIMCHECK Default" button will also reset the SIMCHECK's entire setup!

Using the STATUS selector, you can choose between the two main modes of operation:

Production Mode Image

Production Mode using a Master Module's SPD - This mode allows you to use Production Mode when SIMCHECK is working as a stand alone unit on the production line.

Production Mode using SPD files from your PC - this is the recommended mode which gives you more control on the selection of the SPD data. You can setup Production Mode so that SPD programming is performed after a successful Basic Test or a successful Extensive Test. For quick operation, select the programming to be done after Basic Test. For a more elaborate test, select after Extensive Test. Note that you can use SIMCHECK's Setup to change the test flow and to customize Extensive Test.

For Production Mode to work, the SPD programming option on the Configuration page of Setup must be enabled. We have placed an easy control that indicates the status of SPD programming. Click the CHANGE button if you need to enable (or otherwise change) the setup for SPD programming. You can further setup SIMCHECK for device type, speed, etc to further enhance the capabilities of Production Mode.

Starting Production Mode

Using SIMCHECK stand-alone:

Activate Production Mode from SIMCHECK by entering the following sequence:

At this stage, you will need to use F5 on your tester to scroll through the options until you find 'Use Master Module'. Press F1 to enter your selection. The next menu will prompt you to make a selection on when you would like to have the SPD programmed. Choose either after Basic Test, or after Extensive Test, then press F1 to enter your choice. After your selection, press ESC on your tester a few times to return to Standby Mode.

SIMCHECK's SPD buffer will now need valid SPD data that it will use in this mode. Read the SPD data from a master module into SIMCHECK's buffer. [Refer to the SPD Management Addendum for information on reading a module's SPD.] If you try to test a module when SIMCHECK's SPD buffer is empty, SIMCHECK will prompt for a master module. After SPD data is read into its buffer, you may press F1 on SIMCHECK to begin your test. The tested module's SPD will be programmed either after the Basic Test, or after the Extensive Test, in accordance with your previous selection.

Using SIMCHECK and the Communications Program:

Activate Production Mode in SIMCHECK by following the sequence above. As explained previously, the 'Use Master Module' selection is primarily for Stand-Alone use with SIMCHECK. If, however, you choose this option, you will simply need to send an SPD file to SIMCHECK's buffer before the test is begun. You will then need to decide after which test (Basic or Extensive) you would like the SPD programming to follow. Remember to press F1 to enter your selection. The other two options are explained below.

If PC SPD File-Manual is selected on SIMCHECK, you will need to manually select your SPD file, and manually send it SIMCHECK's SPD buffer. Press the Production Mode Speed Button Production Mode button. The program will prompt you to select an SPD file. Select the appropriate SPD file you would like to use, then send it to SIMCHECK's buffer using the Send to SIMCHECK Speed Button button. This setting on SIMCHECK corresponds to Manual Selection in the Production Mode page in the PC Setup window. The test process can now be activated through the Realtime Interface Window Realtime Interface Speed Button, afterwards the SPD programming function will take place in accordance to your set selection.

If PC SPD File-Auto is selected on SIMCHECK, you will need to activate the "Use" SPD file on the Production Mode Status Drop Down menu in the Setup Window. Press the Setup button and select the Production Mode page. Select 'Use an SPD file" in the Status Menu. Under SPD File Selection, click on USE. The program will then allow you to pick an SPD file to be used each time the PC Communication Program is activated. After a file is selected, you will need to make a choice under the Program SPD After section. Close the Setup Window after your selection is made. Press the Production Mode Speed Button Production Mode button. The program will verify that you wish to send the SPD data from the setup path to SIMCHECK's buffer. Click YES to load SIMCHECK's buffer with this data. You may now proceed using the Realtime Speed Button Realtime Interface. The SPD of each tested module will be programmed in accordance your selection in Setup. Please review the on-line SPD Management Addendum for further reference on how to use this program powerful SPD editing and file handling.

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