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Single Chip Adapter

The X1 SINGLE CHIP ADAPTER (p/n INN-8448-1) enables SIMCHECK to test popular 64Kx1, 256Kx1, 1Mx1, and 4Mx1 DRAM chips. The X4 DRAM ADAPTER (p/n INN-8448-2) is also available to test DRAM chips with sizes of 64Kx4, 256Kx4, and 1Mx4.

All the advanced features that are used in module testing are employed in individual chip testing too (Chip-Heat, Voltage Bounce, Voltage Spike, AUTO-LOOP, etc.). The graphic display screens are very similar to those used during memory module testing.

Either model of the SINGLE CHIP ADAPTER snaps into the SIP socket of SIMCHECK and has two Zero-Insertion-Force sockets for fast and easy handling. An automatic current limiter fully protects your chips, even if they are accidentally reversed.

The SINGLE CHIP ADAPTERS make SIMCHECK a universal DRAM tester, for both memory modules and individual chips.


Each ADAPTER has a 32-pin connector which mates with SIMCHECK's SIP (Green) socket. There is no need to turn SIMCHECK off when inserting either adapter. Just like when testing a SIP module, open the SIP socket, set the adapter in the socket and move the lever to the closed position. Note that once installed, the adapter covers both the SIP and the SIMM sockets.

SIMCHECK automatically detects the presence of the X1 SINGLE CHIP ADAPTER or the X4 SINGLE CHIP ADAPTER. It changes its STANDBY message from "INSERT MODULE" to "INSERT 1 CHIP".

The X1 SINGLE CHIP ADAPTER has two ZIF sockets:

  1. The 20-pin socket (marked U1) tests the 1M and the 4M chips.
  2. The 16-pin socket (marked U2) tests the 64K and 256K chips.

The X4 SINGLE CHIP ADAPTER has two ZIF sockets:

  1. The right one is for testing the 18-pin 64Kx4 DRAM chips. As the right socket is also a 20-pin socket, make sure that you insert the 64Kx4 chip in accordance with the inboard marking for pin 1 (which leaves both far right holes empty).
  2. The left one is for testing 20-pin 256Kx4 and 1Mx4 DRAM chips.

You can test only one chip at a time with the SINGLE CHIP ADAPTERS!

Once the chip is in the correct socket, close the socket by pressing the lever all the way down. The test is initiated by pressing F1. It proceeds exactly as the test for memory modules with the following main exceptions:

Required EPROM Version: 1.25 or above.

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