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x16 / x18 SOJ Adapter

The optional X16/X18 SOJ ADAPTER enables SIMCHECK to test the surface mounted SOJ 400 mils DRAM chips with a wide data bus of 16 or 18 bits. These include the 256Kx16, 256Kx18, 1Mx16, and 1Mx18. The X16/X18 SOJ ADAPTER tests and distinguishes between chips having a 1 -CAS/ 2 -WE or a 2 -CAS/ 1 -WE configuration.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This adapter requires the SIMCHECK PLUS.


This adapter connects to SIMCHECK via the 40-BIT PORT. Plug the adapter into the 40-BIT EXPANSION PORT of the 40-BIT PORT when SIMCHECK is either ON or OFF.

HANDLING THE SOJ CHIPS: All these chips are made in accordance with the standard 400 mils 40/42-pin package. The 256Kx16/18 SOJ DRAM chips have 40 pins and are tested on the right socket. The 1Mx16/x18 have 42 pins and are tested on the left socket. ONLY ONE CHIP can be tested at one time. Pin 1 of the SOJ chip is typically marked with a dot. Alternatively, the short edge of the package which is near pin 1 may be slightly slanted or have a tab. Place the chip in the corresponding socket so that pin 1 points away from you. Also, make sure that the markings on the top of the chip face up (this is called "LIVE BUG" insertion). Insert the chip carefully as far as it will go. Use an IC chip extractor or a thin flat head screwdriver to remove the chip from the socket.

Once the SOJ chip is inserted, press F1 to start the test. The test procedure is similar to the SIMCHECK PLUS module test.

At the end of the Basic Test, the tested chip will automatically be identified as either a 1 -CAS/ 2 -WE type or as a 2 -CAS/ 1 -WE type. Please note that all x16/x18 chips use only one -RAS line, shown as RAS0. This type is the more common in general use.

Required EPROM Version: 2.34 or above.

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