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This log is intended for SIMCHECK's Tech Support Specialists. It provides an ongoing record of SIMCHECK/SIMCHECK PLUS firmware development. The old SIMCHECK line has been discontinued in 1996 and replaced by our RAMCHECK and SIMCHECK II LT units.

The log has three parts. The first lists the firmware versions and their major features. Important production changes as well as manual printing are partially included. The second lists the development of the adapters and the corresponding firmware version that provides initial support for each adapter. The third part logs the development of the PC Communications Software.

This document contains proprietary information and is intended for use by SIMCHECK's Tech Support specialists only. SIMCHECK is protected by patents, trade secrets and copyright worldwide. File Revision: 5-06-96


  • Version 1.00 2/7/90 First version.

Hardware change: Board Modification for 32K EPROM.

  • Version 1.01 3/90 Speed Override, Speed Drift, Test Summary (Soft Error).

Hardware change: Addition of 33pF on CAS and CAS9 lines to reduce speed drift.

  • Version 1.03 4/17/90 Bugs correction.
  • Version 1.10 5/03/90 Single Chip Adapter support.
  • Version 1.11 6/11/90 Bugs correction.
  • Version 1.12 7/11/90 Improved Auto Speed Algorithm - extended to two speed tables. This is internal software correction - not shown to user.

Hardware change: (August 22, 1990) - Removal of ground bounce diode from line CAS9 to correct the ?...? problem with Micron Technology.

  • Version 1.13 Skipped.
  • Version 1.14 9/21/90 Bugs correction.
  • Version 1.15 10/08/90 5 nS estimator.

NOTE: Major 4M bug starts at version 1.16 or 1.17 (fixed Version 1.23 below)

  • Version 1.16 10/11/90 Bugs correction, PS2 development.
  • Version 1.17 10/15/90 X4 DRAM development, PS2 development.
  • Version 1.18 10/24/90 PS/2, X4 software development continues.

Hardware change: Addition of tantalum capacitor on the power supply line and a resistor on the CAS line to reduce ground bounce there.

  • Version 1.19 Skipped.
  • Version 1.20 10/27/90 First PS/2 beta site, First x4 DRAM sent to customer.
  • Version 1.21 Skipped.
  • Version 1.22 11/01/90 Supervisor mode introduced. It provides more error display: Which speed table is used and what is current error word. (Selected at Diagnostic_3_3).
  • Version 1.23 11/06/90 4Meg regular modules BUG IS CORRECTED ("No Memory"). Some PS/2 bugs corrected.
  • Version 1.24 11/12/90 PS-2 bug in proper detection of 4M modules was corrected.
  • Version 1.25 11/30/90 Completion of the Test Set-up Mode for regular modules.


  • Version 1.26 12/22/90 First complete PS/2 support. Test Set-up extended for PS/2. Correction of INTEL reported bugs.
  • Version 1.27 12/22/90 Customization for a client.
  • Version 1.28 1/14/91 Correction of PS/2 for the 1M & 2M 9 X4 and the 10 X4 configuration. Also shows the configuration after BASIC TEST.
  • Version 1.29 1/18/91 First version to work with the 16Mbyte (composite) modules made by Spectrum engineering.
  • Version 1.30 2/15/91 Modular customization have been introduced. With this technique, customization can be created in a separate, "include" file which can be compiled with most recent version. Two customized program were made for two German customers. This version has no effect for regular customers as all changes are transparent.
  • Version 1.31 2/28/91 Some minor modification based on INTEL requirement has been incorporated in the PS/2 program.

MAJOR HARDWARE CHANGE: 03/01/91 REPLACEABLE SIMM SOCKETS Special sockets are now used with the SIMM ZIF socket so that customer may change this socket without soldering/desoldering.

  • Version 1.32 3/15/91 Support for a slow PS/2-1M module was incorporated into the standard test table of the PS/2 program.
  • Version 1.34 4/17/91 Support for the PS2-8M is now standard. Based on sample from Bill Ghai, Performance Electronics.

PACKAGING CHANGE 5/20/91 All SIMCHECKs are now marked with a Serial Number which is attached at the rear. Serial number starts at #10700 for domestic SIMCHECKs, and at #12360 for Export SIMCHECKs.

IMPORTANT: The introduction date of this Serial Number coincide with the fact that from this date ALL SIMCHECKs are manufactured with user replaceable SIMM ZIF socket. That is, if a SIMCHECK has a SERIAL NUMBER - it must be with a user replaceable SIMM ZIF SOCKET.

  • Version 1.35 5/20/91 Support for the ZIP adapter is completed.
  • Version 1.36 6/10/91 Customized for MCI in Germany.
  • Version 1.37 6/19/91 (Serial #10734) Intel special HP Laser Printer memory tester. Modification for the standard test as follows: Error address (press F2 at an error) now show absolute Hex address instead of the previously complex two register notation. Single Bit Test is more controllable as per section 3.6.4 of the New Manual.
  • Version 1.38 7/22/91 (Serial #10776) Preliminary support for the Bank Adapter (needs 1.41).
  • Version 1.39 8/02/91 Support for the Apple Macintosh 2Mx8 modules. This module is now tested on the SIMCHECK without any adapter. Made originally for SQP in France.
  • Version 1.40 8/07/91 Not released.
  • Version 1.41 8/25/91 (Serial Dom. #010829 Exp. #012422) Support for the BANK adapter is completed. Also PS/2 test modified for x18 configuration customized for Intel (Set TABLE 2 and need a jumper on the PS/2 Adapter - please contact me before offering to other customers).

MAJOR HARDWARE CHANGE: SIMCHECK processor board replaced to Version C. The version letter is marked on the lower right hand corner. Version C has the following changes in relation to version B:

  1. Supports 64K EPROM instead of only 32K EPROM
  2. Supports of either a 8K RAM or 32K RAM. Version B supports only 8K RAM. There is a jumper switch on the board for that purpose.
  3. Board has been partially rerouted for improved manufacturing yield.

IMPORTANT: WE ARE STILL USING ONLY 32K EPROM AND 8K RAM FOR THE CURRENT SIMCHECK. Therefore, most users cannot tell the difference at this time. In the future, when we will need to use the larger EPROM and RAM, customers with version B or A will need to send the board for factory upgrade (soldering of few wires). Customer with version C will need only to change socketed chips. SERIAL NUMBER CUTOFF FOR Processor Board Version C: Domestic : #010829 EXPORT: #012437

  • Version 1.42 9/06/91 Customized modification for NIBBLE MODE TEST made for SANYO ICON in Utah.
  • Version 1.43 9/25/91 Customized test for the APRICOT (UK subsidiary of Mitsubishi) 2Mx9 module. The customization includes a special hardware adapter and EPROM. Not useful for other clients.
  • Version 1.44 11/20/91 Improves test of High Address lines A8-A10 in both PS/2 and regular modules.
  • Version 1.45 12/05/91 Checks all wiring of bit 9 during basic test.
  • Version 1.46 1/10/92 Add the function of short bits to all initial tests.

Hardware Change 1-25-92 Use of SIMPAL 12 to accommodate future 64K EPROM instead of the current SIMPAL 11 which supports the 32K EPROM.

  • Version 1.47 2/02/92 New test set up for PS2 including 32, 33 bits etc.

NEW MANUAL PRINT <--------------

  • Version 1.49 3/04/92 Software correction for PS/2 adapter's jumper.
  • Version 1.50 3/17/92 First AST automatic test program.
  • Version 1.51 3/23/92 Used for Handler Support only.
  • Version 1.52 4/14/92 Supporting new IBM 4M PS/2 module using 9 x4 IBM chips. This module will be very popular inside IBM !

Hardware Change 5-01-92 Alternative use of 20Mhz /2 clock in addition to continuation of the regular 30Mhz/3. This is completely transparent to users and is dictated by commercial availability of parts.

  • Version 1.53 6/05/92 AST module test program's write per bit adjustment to support NEC more laxed parameters. All AST users should be upgraded to this version.
  • Version 1.54 7/15/92 BETA test version of SRAM TESTER.
  • Version 1.55 7/25/92 Revision of all test patterns, incorporation of Long Extensive test and Fast Page Mode.

NEW MANUAL PRINT 7/25/92 <--------------

  • Version 1.56 8/13/92 SRAM TESTER program enhancement 1 (results from beta test site 1).
  • Version 1.57 8/27/92 Correcting a bug with AST adapter and 16Mx8/9 modules.
  • Version 1.58 09/29/92 40-PIN Module adapter incorporated in the design.
  • Version 1.59 10/06/92 SRAM TESTER program enhancement 2 (results from beta test site 2 -MICRON TECHNOLOGY).
  • Version 1.60 11/24/92 FIRST COPY PROTECTION - all EPROM main messages are now encrypted so that the EPROM cannot be illegally modified.
  • Version 1.61 12/16/92 Supporting Single -CAS adapter. Serial interface starts extensively but kept disabled until Version 2.00. Test Flow setup is initiated but kept disable until Version 1.65 (except for the HANDLER versions).
  • Version 1.62 1-11-93 Correcting a missing display clear after Speed Override. Handler version adds a test to see if test site is occupied when Sort signals are generated. Eliminating PRD test for 16M PS/2 modules.
  • Version 1.63 1-27-93 Correcting Single -CAS adapter to accept also 3 x3 modules with a shorted PRD (pin 24) line. Fixing a bug in the Bank Adapter which was started by Version 1.61.
  • Version 1.64 2-10-93 Fixing a bug in the PS/2 x33 table which masked -CAS. Single Bit test was redesigned for AST and PS/2 for proper incorporation with the Serial interface.

NEW MANUAL PRINT 2/25/93 <--------------

  • Version 1.65 3/02/93 TEST FLOW SETUP released as a standard version, as described in the new manual.
  • Version 1.66 3/23/93 Improving FAST PAGE MODE test portion of the Extensive Test by increasing the speed margin at the entry of that routine. Should solve previously unexplained 'F' error problems in this phase.
  • Version 1.67 3/26/93 Customized free of charge for Expodata Technology to allow for test continuation after error during Supervisor Mode. Will be part of next standard version.
  • Version 1.68 4/20/93 (HANDLER) Correction of the handler double testing problem. Effective for Handler customers only.
  • Version 2.00 5/06/93 First release version to support the PC Communication Package. Correction of a bug relating to MA10 address line on certain x9 module. Incorporates the Continue from error feature as of Version 1.67.
  • Version 2.01 5/28/93 Minor changes for the PC Communication Package.
  • Version 2.02 6/17/93 Improved short detection between high address lines.
  • Version 2.03 7/30/93 First Beta site unit of the 40-BIT PORT.

NEW MANUAL PRINT <--------------

  • Version 2.04 9/30/93 First production version of the 40-BIT PORT.
  • Version 2.05 10/05/93 Incorporation of the 16M SOJ and the 4M/16M TSOP adapters.
  • Version 2.06 12/01/93 Correction of wrong speed estimation on NMB brand DRAMs. Correction of a wrong -OE error on a Micron module (this may be a unique, rare problem.
  • Version 2.07 2/11/94 Change in the initial speed estimation routine. Initial support for 40-BIT port setup mode.

Adopting a format of even version number for the standard SIMCHECK program , odd number version for Handler support program

NEW MANUAL PRINT 2-15-94 <--------------

  • Version 2.08 2/14/94 Further support for the 40-BIT PORT setup mode and the corresponding change in the PC Communication Package version 1.01.
  • Version 2.09 2/15/94 Handler version for Version 2.08.
  • Version 2.10 5/04/94 Support for the Handler HANDPAL proprietary copy protection chip. Since the change was relatively significant, we first change the standard SIMCHECK program to verify that there are no side effects.
  • Version 2.11 5/11/94 First Handler version with the HANDPAL proprietary copy protection chip. To use, Old handler customers need to incorporate the proprietary chip into a socket in the Handler Interface.
  • Version 2.12 5/19/94 Incorporation of support for modules with parity-disable logic chip through the Single CAS Adapter. Major hardware change in the Single CAS Adapter for that purpose.
  • Version 2.14 6/09/94 Correction of the test of x8 module in the modified Single CAS Adapter. Test now simply ends in an error message since the module is not x9 with single CAS or x8 with Parity-Disable.
  • Version 2.16 7/28/94 Incorporation of the x8/x9 SOJ/ZIP Adapter (INN-8448-17). Include SET_PRD feature in the 40-BIT PORT.
  • Version 2.18 8/17/94 Support of x36ECC type (1 CAS, 1 RAS ) in the 40-BIT PORT. Some minor bug corrections for Supervisor Mode. Fixing a bug in Speed Override feature for PS/2 and AST Adapters which force the test to @120nS when override is on.
  • Version 2.20 8/23/94 Support of 4Meg/4K refresh type modules in the 40-BIT PORT.
  • Version 2.22 10/24/94 Improvement on Speed estimation function for the 40-BIT PORT. Support of 72-pin SIMM modules with parity-bit-emulation logic. Support for IBM new PS/2 module with -OE at pin 19. Support for the new x16/x18 SOJ Adapter INN-8484-2.

NEW MANUAL PRINT 11-04-94 <--------------

  • Version 2.24 12/15/94 Including more support for parity logic emulation for the 40-BIT PORT. Initial support for DRAM CARD TESTER INN-8484-3.
  • Version 2.26 1/27/95 Extended Auto-Loop testing for the 40-BIT PORT so that modules with two banks are fully burn-in. More support for DRAM CARD TESTER INN-8484-3. Enhancements for the SOJ x8/x9 Adapter INN-8448-17.
  • Version 2.28 5/17/95 First support for the INN-828 Advanced Module Handler. Improvement in timing control during relative tests.
  • Version 2.29 5/17/95 First support for the INN-828 Advanced Module Handler.

Hardware Change 6-19-95 All 40-BIT PORT units from Serial Number #20158 have been modified to support 3.3V testing (see Application Note INN-8448-APN09 for upgrade procedure of previously sold units).

  • Version 2.30 6/30/95 Initial support for DIMMCHECK 72P. Support for 3.3V testing on the 40-BIT PORT.
  • Version 2.32 8/02/95 Correcting a compatibility problem with some type of 2Mx8 chips.
  • Version 2.34 11/03/95 First support for EDO modules and chips. Increased compatibility with more 72-pin SO DIMM types and more DRAM CARDS. First support for HP Workstation 72-pin SIMMs and the IBM 39-BIT SIMMs.

NEW MANUAL PRINT 12-06-95 <--------------

  • Version 2.36 1/22/96 First support for SIMCHECK SRAM/P-SRAM MODULE TESTER INN-8844. Improving Advanced setup to include limits for Soft errors, relative refresh and relative spikes. Improved adjacent short detection on all modules tested on the 40-BIT PORT. New support for a special NEC SO DIMM.
  • Version 2.38 2/14/96 First support for DIMMCHECK 168P.

NEW MANUAL PRINT 4-02-96 <--------------

  • Version 2.40 4/30/96 Corrects size determination bug for some 168-pin DIMM modules with two banks.
  • Version 2.42 5/08/96 Additional support to the SIMCHECK SRAM/P-SRAM MODULE TESTER.
  • Version 2.44 7/25/96 Support for assymetric modules which use 1Mx4, 1Mx8, or 1Mx16 for the data banks and 4Mx1 chips for parity (e.g. SMART SM536C2000 modules).
  • Version 2.46 9/27/96 Support for 8Mx72 single bank 168-pin DIMM modules. Support PC Communication package with extra EDO logging in the summary report.
  • Version 2.48 11/01/96 Support for the DIMMCHECK 168P 3.3V adapter.
  • Version 2.50 3/05/97 Support for the 168-pin unbuffered DIMMs (the DIMMCHECK 168P 3VUB) and for the DIMMCHECK 168P PRO.


NOTE: Please always suggest to customers with older program versions to upgrade to the current version.

  • X1 DRAM Adapter Fully functional from Version 1.10.
  • X4 DRAM Adapter Fully functional from Version 1.23.
  • PS/2 Fully functional (in accordance with manual) from VERSION 1.26. Functional with 1M-120nS (old unit) and 8M from VERSION 1.33. Single-Bit-Test and 32, 33 bit from VERSION 1.47. IBM's latest 4M modules which use 9 x4 chips from VERSION 1.53. 16M is only partially compatible, as there is a particularly large speed drift due to the loading. 40-bit Port solves this problem for the 16M and 32M modules and should be recommended in lieu of the PS/2 Adapter.
  • PS/2 30-PIN Adapter Fully functional from Version 1.23.
  • PLCC/SOJ Adapter Fully functional from Version 1.25.
  • ZIP ADAPTER Fully functional from Version 1.35.
  • BANK ADAPTER Fully functional from Version 1.41.
  • HANDLER Always comes with a special Version as part of its package! Important hardware modification on May 94 incorporate a proprietary copy-protection chip into the design. Customers who bought prior handlers should order this chip in order to use Handler Program Version 2.11 or higher.
  • AST ADAPTER Fully Functional from Version 1.53.
  • SRAM ADAPTER Fully Functional from Version 1.59.
  • 40-PIN MODULE ADAPTER Fully Functional from Version 1.58.
  • SINGLE -CAS ADAPTER Fully Functional from Version 1.63.
  • PC COMMUNICATION PACKAGE Fully Functional from Version 2.00.
  • 40-BIT PORT Fully Functional from Version 2.04.
  • 16M SOJ ADAPTER / 4M/16M TSOP ADAPTERS Fully Functional from Version 2.06.
  • x8/x9 SOJ/ZIP ADAPTER Partially Functional from Version 2.16. 2Mx8/9 were not available for verification but customer purchasing this early version of the Adapter will be fully supported.
  • x16/x18 SOJ ADAPTER Partially Functional from Version 2.22. 1Mx18 were not available for verification but customer purchasing this early version of the Adapter will be fully supported.
  • DRAM CARD TESTER Partially Functional from Version 2.24. Some cards were not available for verification but customer purchasing this early version of the Adapter will be fully supported. Version 2.34 or up is now the recommended version.
  • DIMMCHECK 72P Partially Functional from Version 2.30, better supported from Version 2.36.
  • HP WORKSTATION 72-PIN SIMM TESTER Fully functional from Version 2.36.
  • IBM 39-BIT ECC SIMM ADAPTER Fully functional from Version 2.34.
  • DIMMCHECK 168P First support Version 2.38. Fully functional from Version 2.40.


  • Version 1.00 5/06/93 First commercial release version.
  • Version 1.01 2/14/94 Support for 40-BIT PORT setup mode.
  • Version 1.02 10/05/94 Support for the SET-PRD feature for the 40-BIT PORT.
  • Version 1.03 1/05/95 Increased protection for data structures of 40-BIT PORT to avoid crushes in some monitors.
  • Version 1.04 6/26/95 Support for new 3.3V tests.
  • Version 1.05 10/25/95 Support for SRAM TESTER. Added 40-BIT PORT setup of x16 (for x16 chips) and x39 (for IBM x39 ECC SIMMs).
  • Version 1.06 9/17/96 Summary and printed reports now explicitly mark the presence of EDO devices.
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