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Refurbished RAMCHECK Memory Tester

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RAMCHECK Memory Tester

	                        DDR2 Refurbished tester

INNOVENTIONS has a limited number of factory refurbished RAMCHECK DDR2, RAMCHECK DDR1 and RAMCHECK DDR2/DDR1 memory testers which are available directly from the factory at a substantially lower cost. These refurbished units are perfect for testing 240-pin DDR2 (with 667MHz DDR2 adapter) and 184-pin DDR (with DDR Pro adapter), as well as older form factors such as 168-pin SDRAM and SO-DIMMs (with optional adapters). RAMCHECK will not work with upcoming DDR4 adapters. You will need the RAMCHECK LX.

These refurbished testers are typically made from units used in our R&D department and from other old inventory parts. Each RAMCHECK is fully calibrated and upgraded to current product specification. 90-day limited warranty included.

RAMCHECK is supported with frequent firmware upgrades you can download from our website. RAMCHECK will also support the future DDR3 adapter. The refurbished RAMCHECK can be factory-converted to the RAMCHECK LX level at a later date. From the user standpoint, the difference between the RAMCHECK and RAMCHECK LX are the LX's much larger, brighter display and USB interface. Otherwise, the test flow is identical. (For testing very old SDRAM and SIMM technology, the refurbished SIMCHECK II Plus memory tester is available.)

Please note that we have a limited number of refurbished memory testers, and they are offered only directly from INNOVENTIONS and from a few select distributors.

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Refurbished SIMCHECK II LT Plus Available

                      PLUS memory tester The SIMCHECK II is a great entry-level memory checker. Test 168-pin SDRAM (PC133/100/66), FPM and EDO memory modules, plus 72-pin SIMMs. While the SIMCHECK II memory tester does not support DDR testing modules, it can be converted to the RAMCHECK level in our factory at a substantial savings over the cost of a new unit.

Now you can purchase a factory-refurbished SIMCHECK II LT PLUS memory tester at a 50% discount off the price of a new unit. This offer also includes our standard one-year limited warranty! Click here to learn more.

Memory tester firmware available

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RAMCHECK LX DDR2 memory tester now available