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RAMCHECK LX Online Manual and Addenda Page

Since RAMCHECK LX is so simple to operate, most of our customers won't need to reference a detailed manual. However, we realize that some customers want to know more about RAMCHECK LX's numerous advanced features. Much of the technical information we have supplied over the years for the RAMCHECK tester also applies directly to the RAMCHECK LX, particularly in regards to test flow and setup. However, since the RAMCHECK LX is a significant advancement over the older RAMCHECK design, there are some important differences.

The RAMCHECK LX manual is available online. We have also provided links to expanded support materials should you need more in-depth information. Please note that you'll need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer in order to read these files. Visit the Web site to download a free copy of Acrobat Reader if you do not have it.

RAMCHECK LX MAIN MANUAL (file size 2.5MB, PDF file). This main manual will provide you with most of the information you will need to set up and use RAMCHECK LX's many features. A printed version of this file is included with the RAMCHECK LX product.  Use this manual and the Manual Addenda below when testing modern DDR3/2/1 devices.

RAMCHECK LX Legacy DRAM and SDRAM Online Resources

As RAMCHECK LX can support legacy DRAM and SDRAM (with the relevant test adapters), the following manual resources include numerous references and descriptions of old features (e.g. timeout refresh, Trah, etc). Please check the product specification to determine which features are supported in each test configuration that you use.  
More Menus and User Interface Notes
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This section expands on menus described in Chapter 3 of the RAMCHECK LX main manual

RAMCHECK LX Legacy DRAM Operation
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This section expands on Chapter 4 of the RAMCHECK LX main manual to discuss proper use of the sockets used by the various legacy adapters, particularly those used with SDRAM and EDO/FPM devices. Although some information regarding DDR and SPD Management Mode is covered, please refer to the relevant manual addenda below.

Advanced Tests
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This section
expands on Chapter 5 of the RAMCHECK LX main manual to discuss additional setup features (e.g. Refresh) that are used only with SDRAM and EDO/FPM devices. Individual parameters for user-defined test procedures are discussed. Enabling the SPD programming capability is reviewed and key entering sequences for common setups are given.

RAMCHECK LX Appendices (A-C)
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This section covers the first three appendix listings detailing our software license agreement; a discussion about RAMCHECK LX's test algorithms; and SDRAM timing and PC-100/PC-133 compliance.

RAMCHECK LX Appendices (D-G)
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This section covers the last of the appendix listings. The subjects covered include: EDO/FPM timing measurements; Module repair with RAMCHECK LX; a memory module technical review and RAMCHECK LX specifications.


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