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RAMCHECK LX PC Communications Development Log

Version 3.10 7-20-2016

This version adjusts the Automated Firmware Download Button to work properly with our new host.

Version 3.09 12-1-2015

This version provides several bug fixes and program maintenance for compatibility with Windows 10.

Version 3.08 8-14-2014

This version adds the new SPD Hex Block Inserter utility to provide more efficient editing of the SPD files. The version also provides several setup updates and performance enhancements.

Version 3.07 5-07-2012

This version improves the USB communications and adds Change-on-the-Fly support for the DDR3 Adapter. This version also enhances the information reported to the user via the PC Realtime interface, and it provides several setup updates.

Version 3.06 9-30-2010

This version supports the new DDR3 Adapter. Please note that Change-on-the-fly will be supported in this program in the next version. You can use Change-on-the-fly directly on the tester.

Version 3.05 7-30-2010

This version supports the new Multi-Burst test phase within the Extensive Test for DDR2 and DDR1.

Version 3.04 5-12-2010

Several minor changes were made to match new features in the RAMCHECK LX firmware.

Version 3.03 7-30-2009

This version provides 800MHz and 866MHz test support for the new release of the DDR2 adapter (p/n INN-8668-15).

Version 3.02 9-04-2008

A temperature meter now appears on the Realtime interface. For DDR1 and DDR2 adapter, it shows the internal temperature of the adapter as well as the internal temperature of the RAMCHECK LX base tester. Other adapters that do not include a temperature sensor report only the base tester's internal temperature.

Various improvements made to the Realtime interface control, RAMCHECK LX setup, and the Installer program.

The first screen information guides new users explicitly to activate the FIND button (to verify the USB communications) as the first operational step.

Version 3.01 6-27-2008

Added support for the RAMCHECK LX DIMMCHECK 168 (p/n INN-8686-1). The Change-on-the-fly feature via the USB channel is now enabled.

Version 3.00 6-16-2008

This is the first RAMCHECK LX product release version. Most of the features of the previous generation RAMCHECK Communications program have been incorporated with this program.

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