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RAMCHECK Communications Program Development Log

Version 2.26 7-20-2016

This version fixes several bugs and provides various program maintenance tasks. It also adjusts the Automated Firmware Download Button to work properly with our new host.  

Version 2.25 10-24-2014

This version fixes several bugs and provides additional support for the new RAMCHECK DDR3 adapter.

Version 2.24 10-07-2010

This version provides initial support for the new RAMCHECK DDR3 adapter.

Version 2.23 7-30-2010

This version supports the new Multi-Burst test phase within the Extensive Test for DDR2 and DDR1.

Version 2.22 5-22-2010

Several minor changes were made to match new features in the RAMCHECK firmware.

Version 2.21 7-30-2009

This version provides 800MHz and 866MHz test support for the new release of the DDR2 adapter (p/n INN-8668-15).

Version 2.20 9-5-2008

This version uses a new installation program and fixes several bugs.

Version 2.19 7-30-2008

This version provides additional support for DDR2 and other recent adapters. It also includes an enhanced SPD Wizard with updated JEDEC information.

Version 2.18 5-10-2007

This version activates the Realtime Interface for the new DDR2 adapter. The setup menus have been re-written and now allow for simultaneous setup of various type of devices (e.g. DDR1 and DDR2). New change-on-the-fly support recent DDR2 and DDR1 devices. New ON-LINE help is accessible by pressing F1 in most menus.

This PC Communications version requires the RAMCHECK to use firmware version 2.33 or higher.

Version 2.17 5-10-2005

This new version activates the Realtime Interface for the new DDR PRO adapter.

Version 2.16 3-03-2004

Setup has been updated to reflect new optional adapters and test. The Product Information page of setup was completely revised to be more user friendly. It now alerts you if your RAMCHECK unit needs an upgrade.

We have added a Comments memo control on the Test Log to allow you to add comments to the current log for printing and saving.

The context sensitive on-line help has been significantly updated.

The firmware download capabilities was expanded from 256KB to 1MB.

Version 2.15 4-14-2003

Automated Firmware Download has been upgraded to comply with the new login mechanism. You can set up your user name (e-mail) and password in the PC/Software setup menu, and update your RAMCHECK's firmware with a click of a button!

It has a new support for SPD file association with setup files. This new feature allows you to attach specific SPD file (*.spd) to any setup file (*.rsu), so that when you open the setup file and send it to RAMCHECK, the program automatically opens the selected SPD file and prompt you to send it to RAMCHECK.

Version 2.14 4-30-2002

Version 2.14 includes the following improvements and new features:

  • Initial DDR Support to show frequencies at double rate.
  • New SPD Wizard providing on-line SPD editing assistance.
  • New SPD Text Editor for editing regular text portions of the SPD.

Please review the new RAMCHECK SPD Management Manual Addendum for more information about the new SPD Wizard and SPD Text Editor.

Version 2.12 7-25-2001

  • Support for Automated Firmware Upgrade on the new www.innoventions.com FTP Server.
  • Correction of RAMCHECK Setup file format.

Version 2.10 3-16-2001

  • First release of this program as modified from our SIMCHECK II PC Communications Program.

To contact our Tech Support: Call (281) 879-6226 M-F 9:00-5:00 CST, or send your E-mail to support@innoventions.com.

Product operation and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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