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RAMCHECK Application Note

Determining if your RAMCHECK LX / RAMCHECK and DDR adapters are up to current factory specifications.

--Created 3-6-08
--Updated 7-6-11

If you want to know what upgrades are available for your tester or if you receive a "Need Factory Upgrade" message after updating your firmware, please follow these steps and send us the information. We will review it and contact you with our recommendations.

Note for users receiving the "Need Factory Upgrade" message: It is still safe to operate your unit as you did before, but your older hardware configuration means that your tester may not be able to test specific memory devices which we have recently added support for, or support newly developed test adapters. It is important to know that you have not lost any test functionality by installing the new firmware.

The RAMCHECK LX/RAMCHECK tester automatically detects its hardware configuration and specific information entered by the technician when the unit was first shipped or the last time your unit was in for service. This information is stored in its internal memory. Based upon this information we can determine if your RAMCHECK LX/RAMCHECK is up to current factory specifications.

There are three options available to collect this information for all RAMCHECK LX firmware versions and RAMCHECK firmware versions 2.33 and higher. (For RAMCHECK users with firmware version 2.32 or below please obtain this information using "Option 3" below.)

The recommended way to obtain this data is by connecting your unit to your PC with the USB cable that was included with your RAMCHECK LX (serial cable for the RAMCHECK) and installing the PC Communications software. The software is on the CD included with the package, or you can download it off our web site.

Note: Users who are "out in the field" that do not have access to a PC can go to "Option 3" listed below to collect this data directly from the tester.

This software will allow you to save this data to your PC so you can email it to us as an attachment via email. The PC Communications software offers you two ways to accomplish this.

Option 1:

This option is the easiest and quickest since all you have to do is connect your tester to your PC and turn it on. Make sure that the RAMCHECK LX is connected to your PC via the USB cable (serial cable for RAMCHECK users) and turn the unit on. Next, open the PC Communications software and click on RAMCHECK in the menu bar at the top left of the screen. Next, click on "Find RAMCHECK" to make sure that your RAMCHECK is detected by the PC. If the RAMCHECK is found, click on the "OK" tab, and then click on RAMCHECK in the menu bar again and then click on "SETUP RAMCHECK (LX)" in the drop down menu. Next click on the "Product Information" tab and then click on the "Save Product Info as a text file" button. A "Confirm" pop up will appear. Click on the "Yes" tab to name the file and select the directory you'd like to save it in. E-mail this as an attachment to support@innoventions.com.

If you have any DDR1, DDR2 and/or DDR3 adapters please turn off the base tester, mount the adapter and turn the tester back on and repeat the steps mentioned above for each adapter. Only the DDR1, DDR2 and DDR3 adapters can be upgraded if needed. DDR Converters and adapters that have very few components like the SYNC Chip, SIMM, SOJ or 168/144p adapters do not require upgrades and do not need to be included in the above steps.

RAMCHECK LX users will need to click on the USB status button (to the left of the "?" Icon) to establish connection to the PC. You must do this each time you turn off/on the LX while connected to the PC. With the PC Communications program running, use the "Find Ramcheck" to confirm connection.

RAMCHECK users, if you see a "RAMCHECK Not Detected!" message please review Application Note 19 to help resolve any communications issues.

Option 2:

This option collects this data through the Real-Time interface of the PC Communications software. Open the RAMCHECK PC Communications software and click on "RAMCHECK" in the menu bar at the top left of the screen. Next click on "Realtime Interface" in the drop down menu. On the RAMCHECK tester, press F1 to start Basic Test (without inserting a module) to initialize connection. Next press F2 for "SETUP" then press F5 for "NEXT", then F3 for "PRODINFO". Next press F2 to send the product information data to the PC in the test log window of the Realtime Interface. Next click on "File" at the top left of the screen then click on "Save As" in the drop down menu. Name the file and select the directory and email it as an attachment to support@innoventions.com.

Based upon the information obtained from either of the options above we can determine if your RAMCHECK's configuration is current or if an upgrade is recommended.

Please note that the two options mentioned above save the file differently. The "Option 1" saves the file as a "txt" file and the "Option 2" saves it as a "log" file. Both can be viewed in any text editor or word processor.

Option 3:

You can always access this data directly from the RAMCHECK without connecting it to a PC. Turn the RAMCHECK on and after it finishes booting up and is in standby mode press F2 for "SETUP". Next press F5 for "NEXT", then F3 for "PRODINFO".

Note, for RAMCHECK users running the older firmware version (2.32 and below), press F2 for "SETUP". Next press F3 for "CONFIG", then F3 for "PRODINFO".

Using F4 to move forward through the screens and F3 to go back, please record the following values.


If you have a additional DDR, DDR2, DDR3 adapters please mount each adapter while the RAMCHECK is off, then turn it on and follow the instructions above to enter the PRODINFO section and record the following values for each adapter.


Once finished you can simply press the Escape key a few times to return to standby model. Please send us the information using the contacts below.

Note to RAMCHECK users, you have the option to convert your existing RAMCHECK to the RAMCHECK LX.


For more information, please call us at 1-281-879-6226 M-F 9:00-5:00 US Central Time, or send your e-mail to support@innoventions.com, or fax your message to 1-281- 879-6415. Please remember to include your phone number and e-mail address.

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