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FB-DIMM Memory Testing

A note about Fully-Buffered "FB-DIMM" memory testing

Fully-buffered (FB-DIMM) DDR2 DIMMs are used in some servers and Apple computers. FB-DIMM relies upon very complex designs and is much different than DDR2 DIMMs found in everyday computers. As described in Wikipedia,
Fully Buffered DIMM architecture introduces an Advanced Memory Buffer (AMB) between the memory controller and the memory module. Unlike the parallel bus architecture of traditional DRAMs, an FB-DIMM has a serial interface between the memory controller and the AMB. This enables an increase to the width of the memory without increasing the pin count of the memory controller beyond a feasible level.

INNOVENTIONS memory test equipment does not support FB-DIMM technology. In fact, it seems that fully buffered devices are off the industry's roadmap for future development.
In 2007 Intel Developer Forum, it was revealed that major memory manufacturers have no plans to extend FB-DIMM to support DDR3 SDRAM. Instead, only registered DIMM for DDR3 SDRAM had been demonstrated.

We may manufacture an FB-DIMM adapter in the future, depending upon marketplace conditions, consumer demand and new electronic components. If you have questions about this or if you're interested in a customized solution for FB-DIMM testing, please call our Sales Department at 1-281-879-6226, e-mail

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