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INNOVENTIONS Announces 200-pin DDR2 SO-DIMM Test Solution

Low-cost device tests new DDR2 SO-DIMM “laptop” memory modules

Houston, Texas ­ February 7, 2007 ­ INNOVENTIONS, Inc., the leading manufacturer of standalone benchtop computer memory testers, is now shipping a low-price converter that provides inexpensive testing of 200-pin DDR2 SO-DIMM memory modules used in laptop computers. The converter works with the company’s RAMCHECK DDR2 memory tester.

“Major laptop PC manufacturers are quickly switching over from older DDR to DDR2 SO-DIMM memory,” said David Y. Feinstein, President of INNOVENTIONS. “These manufacturers, as well as distributors and retailers, are demanding a low-cost way to verify memory quality without spending hours testing each module on a motherboard. When combined with the RAMCHECK DDR2 tester, this converter makes memory testing affordable for even small organizations”

The 200-pin DDR2 Converter tests PC2-5300/5400, PC2-4200 and PC2-3200 DDR2 modules. It works only with INNOVENTIONS’ RAMCHECK DDR2 tester. The converter requires no special setup and is simple to operate.

During each test, the memory module’s size, structure and type are automatically detected. The tester quickly spots bad memory chips and alerts the user with a warning tone and visual signal. Testing a typical DDR2 SO-DIMM takes less than a minute.

For current RAMCHECK DDR2 users, the 200-pin DDR2 Converter retails for $175 and is available for immediate delivery. Special discount pricing is available for those who don’t own the RAMCHECK tester.

For more information, call INNOVENTIONS at 281-879-6226 or visit


INNOVENTIONS, Inc., a Houston-based private company, pioneered the field of portable memory testers in 1987 when it introduced the world's first DRAM chip tester. Since then, the company has developed the SIMCHECK memory tester in 1990, the SIMCHECK II in 1996, and the RAMCHECK tester in 2001.

Note: INNOVENTIONS, RAMCHECK, and SIMCHECK are registered trademarks of INNOVENTIONS, Inc. Further media information is available from Scott LaRoche, Director of Sales at INNOVENTIONS, Inc., 10425 Bissonnet Street, Houston, TX 77099. Phone (281) 879-6226, e-mail: