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Memory Tester for High-Speed DDR Now Available

Low-cost device for testing PC466/433/400 DDR

Houston, Texas - April 28 - INNOVENTIONS, Inc., the leading manufacturer of standalone, portable computer memory testers, is now shipping the RAMCHECK DDR Pro memory tester for high-speed PC466/433/400/333/266/200 DDR memory modules.

"Just like processors, memory speeds are also increasing dramatically," said David Y. Feinstein, President of INNOVENTIONS. "RAMCHECK DDR Pro provides an inexpensive way for memory manufacturers, distributors, and everyday repair techs to test and identify their high-speed memory quickly and inexpensively."

Feinstein adds that while memory prices are low, there is still a big demand for high-speed memory testing.

"Memory is an expensive inventory item," he says. "It is a poor business practice to let computer memory gather dust on a warehouse shelf, or accept returns without first checking to see if the module is correctly marked. Fraud remains a serious problem in this business. RAMCHECK DDR Pro helps address this."

RAMCHECK DDR Pro fully tests and identifies PC466/433/400/333/266/200 DDR (also known as PC3700/3500/3200/2700/2100/1600) modules, including Registered and Unbuffered DIMMs. No special setup is required. It can be used right out of the box, due to its intuitive user interface and easy-to-use Zero Insertion Force test sockets.

During each test, the memory module's size, structure and type are automatically detected. RAMCHECK DDR Pro quickly spots bad memory chips and alerts the user with a warning tone and visual signal. The stand-alone RAMCHECK DDR Pro tester's firmware can be upgraded via the Internet, and includes a PC communications software package to log and print test results, as well as program SPD data.

The RAMCHECK DDR Pro retails for $2895 and is available for immediate delivery. An optional adapter for SO-DIMM laptop PC memory is available. RAMCHECK DDR Pro will also support the company's planned DDR2 test adapter. For more information, call INNOVENTIONS at 281-879-6226 or visit


INNOVENTIONS, Inc., a Houston-based private company, pioneered the field of portable memory testers in 1987 when it introduced the world's first DRAM chip tester. Since then, the company has developed the SIMCHECK memory tester in 1990, the SIMCHECK II in 1996, and the RAMCHECK tester in 2001.

Further media information is available from Scott LaRoche, Director of Sales at INNOVENTIONS, Inc., 10425 Bissonnet Street, Houston, TX 77099. Phone (281) 879-6226. e-mail: