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Application Notes and Specifications

This page includes Application Notes and Product Specifications for the RAMCHECK and RAMCHECK LX lines of memory test systems. Application Notes for the old SIMCHECK II tester are available here.


These application notes apply to both the RAMCHECK LX and RAMCHECK memory testers.

INN-8668-APN38 Recommended Cooling Arrangement for DDR3 and DDR2 Adapters
INN-8668-APN36 Support for Temperature Sensor in the SPD of DDR3 Modules
INN-8668-APN35 Interpreting the RAMCHECK LX Test Log for DDR3 Devices
INN-8668-APN34 Testing Legacy EDO/FPM DRAM Devices at 5V or 3.3V
INN-8668-APN33 Retest Counter for RAMCHECK and RAMCHECK LX
INN-8668-APN32 Disabling the Multi-Burst Technology for DDR2 Devices
INN-8668-APN31 RAMCHECK Multi-Burst Technology
INN-8668-APN30 Getting product information from your RAMCHECK
INN-8668-APN29 Interpreting the RAMCHECK/RAMCHECK LX DDR2 Test Log for DDR2 Devices
INN-8668-APN27 Permanent Software Write Protect Feature (PSWP)
INN-8668-APN26 Changing Timing Parameters on the RAMCHECK for EDO/FPM
INN-8668-APN25 RAMCHECK Production Mode
INN-8668-APN24 Error Display Menu for the RAMCHECK DDR Pro
INN-8668-APN23 Interpreting the RAMCHECK LX Test Log for DDR1 Devices
INN-8668-APN21 Using RAMCHECK DDR Pro Setup Options to Determine Speed
INN-8668-APN20 RAMCHECK Error Display Menu
INN-8668-APN19 RAMCHECK to PC Connection Issues
INN-8668-APN18 Changing Timing Parameters on the RAMCHECK for SDRAM
INN-8668-APN17 Modules Fail in a PC, but Pass on the RAMCHECK
INN-8668-APN16 Modules Work in a PC, but Fail on the RAMCHECK
INN-8668-APN15 Interpreting the RAMCHECK Test Log for DDR Modules
INN-8668-APN14 Interpreting the RAMCHECK Test Log on SDRAM Devices
INN-8668-APN13 RAMCHECK PC-66, PC-100 and PC-133 Determination
INN-8668-APN9 SPD Warning Messages
INN-8668-APN8 Upgrading SIMCHECK II adapters to the new RAMCHECK Level
INN-8668-APN7 RAMCHECK's Use of Page Burst Mode
INN-8668-APN6 RAMCHECK Error Codes
INN-8668-APN5 Memory Test Algorithms and Test Accuracy
INN-8668-APN4 RAMCHECK Support of CAS Latency 2 Modules
INN-8668-APN3 SDRAM SPD Standards and RAMCHECK
INN-8668-APN2 Customer-Made Adapters for RAMCHECK
INN-8668-APN1 RAMCHECK Device Structure Analysis

RAMCHECK LX Product Line

These application notes are specific to the RAMCHECK LX.

INN-8686-APN4 RAMCHECK LX USB Interface Protocol
INN-8686-APN3 RAMCHECK LX Handler Interface
INN-8686-APN2 Upgrading the RAMCHECK LX Firmware
INN-8686-APN1 Getting Product Information from your RAMCHECK LX

RAMCHECK Product Line

These application notes are specific to the RAMCHECK memory tester.

INN-8668-APN28 Upgrading the RAMCHECK Firmware
INN-8668-APN22 RAMCHECK Serial Interface Protocol
INN-8668-APN11 RAMCHECK Handler Interface
INN-8668-APN10 Upgrading RAMCHECK DDR/DDR Pro to RC PLUS Pro